Issue 1(18) 2022

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Issue 1(18) 2022
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Introductory note to the eighteenth issue — 3


V.K. Gubaev, D.K. Nikiforov Development of protection of the information system of public services 5–11


D.Y. Ignatova Specifics of innovation projects in the oil and gas industry 12–17


P.A. Manohin, M.I. Barabanova Modern ERP systems functionality overview 18–23

WINNERS International scientific-practical conference young scientists "Scientific research of modern problems of the development of Russia: interdisciplinary research as a driver of transformation of science"

E.A. Derevyanko The policy of cluster transformations at defense enterprises as a solution to the problem of complex diversification of the Defense Industry of the Russian Federation 24–30

K. A. Ermolaev, S.E. Yormatov Sovereign identity in the context of digital transformation: European union 31–37

A.O. Zhdanova Gamification as a tool of increasing the efficiency of the organization 38–43

D. Y. Smolianov, A. V. Gurko, I. O. Velichko Method for assessing the financial condition of an enterprise 44–54

S. V. Babich, K.E. Bukin Sustainable directions for the development of the use of natural gas in the territory of the European Union 55–60

P.A. Golovnev, A.E. Karpovich Application of phase spline analysis to studying the stock indices dynamics 61–68

A.R. Kovalev, D.K. Nikiforov Development and creation of self-propelled robots based on neural networks 69–78

E.N. Zinoveva, A.A. Masalimova Application of phase spline analysis to study macroeconomic data 79–86

S.S. Pyastolov, Yu.A. Tepomes Formation of political culture of deputies of the youth parliament of the Sverdlovsk region 87–93

A.N. Averyanova Exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology in commercial activities 94–101