Issue 4 (5) 2018

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Issue 4 (5) 2018
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Zhang Chi Trade cooperation between Russia and china under the one belt and one road initiative. 5

Sizykh Elena Modern regional level tools of Russian-Chinese investment cooperation 11 Smirnova Elena, Zhao Dan Trade policy of China in the context of globalization 17

Medynskaia Irina Vilievna Modern trends of scientific and educational cooperation of the great Eurasia universities. 20

Mikhalkina Elena Vladimirovna, Skachkova Lyudmila Sergeevna Practices of retention of young scientists in modern universities of Russia and China 24

Kuzakova Olesia Aleksandrovna, Lukashevich Mikhail Leonidovich Cooperation forms of economic departments in russian and chinese universities 29

Liu Yang The opening of a new era of sino-russian cooperation under the concept of "the community of shared future for mankind". 34

Liu Xiaoyin The “belt and road” initiative and the greater Europe and Asia partnership — economic and trade cooperation and development between China and Russia. 38

Soboleva Anastasia Digitalization. Digital-marketing and its impact on the future 48

Men Shulian The route choice of optimizing sino-russian goods trade 54

Guan Xueling, Liu Manyu The “Ice Silk Road”: China and Russia’s new exploration of global economic governance. 59

Fang Fuqian, Wang Huiling Analysis on the Sino-Russian Trade Potential under the Background of “the Belt and Road” Initiative 63

Song Lifang China’s Foreign Direct Investment in Russia under the “Belt and Road” Initiative 76

Song Yang, Wu Weixing, Zhou Guangsu Inequality of Opportunity and Household Risky Asset Investment: Evidence from Panel Data in China 84

Zhang Zhongmin, Hu Linmei The improvement of three-dimensional marine awareness construction under the “the Belt and Road” strategy 91

Kochkina Ekaterina Vladislavovna Chinese market as the main direction for the development of Russian non-primary export 102

Slavetskaya Nina Gas pricing in China and Russia 112

Smirnova Olga Sergeevna Chinese electricity market as the perspective direction for russian investments 115

Pinegina Irina, Zubarev Aleksandr Fundamentals and conditions for training Of foreign experts in the field of digital economy at pacific national university 124

Tyumina Daria Sergeevna Increasing Russian innovation activity — chinese way 129 Iuiukina Tatiana Igorevna Russian’s areas of advanced social and economic development investment aspects: possibilities for application of China’s experience 133